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New hand-made logo for 2014. by matteoNL97 New hand-made logo for 2014. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 0 96
G review 8. Gen 1 MLP Tales Out Of Luck.
:bulletblue:The link to the episode is in the description!:bulletblue:
My eight generation review!
This one is about My Little Pony Tales Out Of Luck. An episode made in 1992.
My opinion on it:
It was a nice short episode. Pretty fun to watch but nothing really interesting honestly. It was fun to see how this pony named Clover was obsessed with luck tough.
Characters were ok,altough it was a bit hard to see the difference between the male and female ponies at times,you really had to rely on the voices to seperate them.
Backgrounds were average,not something splendid or horrible but nice for an 90's cartoon.
There was only 1 song,but it was pretty fun. A bit too slow for me but it was nice to listen to.
The graphics were ok. But then again,it's the start of the 90's so there was no HD.
The humor was a bit meh...there wasn't really a lot of it but it was fun.
The storyline was short and average,it wasn't really interesting to watch to but it was mostly pretty fun.
My favorite c
:iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 1 8
Hand-made Eddy. by matteoNL97 Hand-made Eddy. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 17 16 Succes Kid stolen lecture meme. by matteoNL97 Succes Kid stolen lecture meme. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 5 13
G review 7. Gen 1 MLP The Glass Princess.
:bulletblue:The link to the episode is in the description!:bulletblue:
My seventh generation review!
This one is about My Little Pony The Glass Princess. An episode made in 1986.
My opinion on it:
It was very average and sometimes pretty boring. I've seen G3 episode being more exiting and less boring than this episode honestly.
Charachters were a bit boring and bland.
The backgrounds were pretty average aswell,typicall for the 80's animation.
The songs were again pretty average.
The graphics were ok,but i've seen better. Then again,it's the 80's.
There was no humor so i can't judge that.
The storyline was average,something that's not bad but not fantastic aswell.
My favorite character:
I didn't had one this time,i didn't like no pony in this episode.
Overall score:
The characters were just bland,nothing special to me.
:star::star::star:[No Star][No Star]
The decor is again very mediocre,typicall for
:iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 0 4
Hand-made God hates nobody drawing. by matteoNL97 Hand-made God hates nobody drawing. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 3 52
G review 6. Gen 3 MLP Dancing In The Clouds.
:bulletblue:The link to the short movie is in the description!:bulletblue:
My sixth generation review!
This one is about My Little Pony Dancing In The Clouds. A short movie made in 2004.
My opinion on it:
It was a pleasure to watch,mayble even better than some of the other G3 movies. A bit short but good.
Characters were as usual a bit bland,but a lot of them were in G3. Tough,they had a very funny and happy personality.
The backgrounds were pretty detailled and nice as usual.
The songs were meh...not the best i've seen.
The graphics were very good,mayble even better than other G3 movies.
The humor...well there wasn't really any kind of humor so i can't judge that.
The storyline was good enough,a bit rushed mayble but good enough.
My favourite character:
It's hard to choose between Skywishes and Twinkle Twirl...but i think Skywishes because she was so kind to give her medal to Twinkle Twirl. And that's what REAL friends do.
Overall score:
:iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 1 6
First World Problems video game meme. by matteoNL97 First World Problems video game meme. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 5 14
G review 5. Gen 1 MLP Ghost Of Paradise Estate.
:bulletblue:The link to the short movie is in the description!:bulletblue:
This one is about My Little Pony The Ghost Of Paradise Estate. A short movie made in 1986.
My opinion on it.
It was decent enough,altough i've seen better.
The characters were ok,they weren't super duper awesome manly but they weren't so super girly either. Just normal.
The backgrounds were again decent enough,altough some of them were pretty nice.
The villains were also pretty decent. Nothing to go "WOW!" or "Cool!" about,but they weren't boring or anything.
The songs were pretty bad actually,especially Megan couldn't sing. :|
The graphics were crappy,but then again it IS made in the 80's.
There wasn't any kind of humor in it,so i can't really judge that...
The storyline was decent enough. It wasn't super fantastic but it wasn't lame or retarded either. It was decent enough.

My favourite character.
I didn't really have a favourite character,but if i had to choose i'd choose either choose Button
:iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 1 5
Bad Luck Brian cruise ship meme. by matteoNL97 Bad Luck Brian cruise ship meme. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 5 1 Hand-made Mordecai. by matteoNL97 Hand-made Mordecai. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 4 2 Pot smoking hippies error message. by matteoNL97 Pot smoking hippies error message. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 4 30 Ronald McDonald heart attack meme. by matteoNL97
Mature content
Ronald McDonald heart attack meme. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 11 7
New hand-made logo for 2013. by matteoNL97 New hand-made logo for 2013. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 1 0 Hand-made Zoey Trent. by matteoNL97 Hand-made Zoey Trent. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 8 2 Radical Jews/Republicans/Americans spotted on FB. by matteoNL97
Mature content
Radical Jews/Republicans/Americans spotted on FB. :iconmatteonl97:matteoNL97 1 8
This is the place i once drew shitty pony art,and occasionally other things that didn't suck as much ass. Oh,and i also do a review every once and a while.

And for the love of God,don't ask me to draw ponies,because i WON'T


Nazi Zombies vs Ponies by curtsibling
Mature content
Nazi Zombies vs Ponies :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 265 445
Death To The Sparklebeasts by curtsibling Death To The Sparklebeasts :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 55 35 Lola Bunny by Phillip-the-2 Lola Bunny :iconphillip-the-2:Phillip-the-2 1,044 77 Ballside Out by Norbertus1757 Ballside Out :iconnorbertus1757:Norbertus1757 31 11 Revenge by AnScathMarcach Revenge :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 149 55 Sarah N. Dippity - Turnaround 082215 by Atrox-C Sarah N. Dippity - Turnaround 082215 :iconatrox-c:Atrox-C 164 27 Making hairstyle by AnimagicWorld Making hairstyle :iconanimagicworld:AnimagicWorld 11 3 - You are the best sister! by AnimagicWorld - You are the best sister! :iconanimagicworld:AnimagicWorld 9 2 - Don`t offend him! by AnimagicWorld - Don`t offend him! :iconanimagicworld:AnimagicWorld 10 4 Untitled by jazzy-rose-hxc Untitled :iconjazzy-rose-hxc:jazzy-rose-hxc 2 0 S M I L E by jazzy-rose-hxc S M I L E :iconjazzy-rose-hxc:jazzy-rose-hxc 2 0 G R I N by jazzy-rose-hxc G R I N :iconjazzy-rose-hxc:jazzy-rose-hxc 2 2 Abed Nadir by Z1aR0 Abed Nadir :iconz1ar0:Z1aR0 6 1 Happy Celestia by BlackBlood100 Happy Celestia :iconblackblood100:BlackBlood100 7 0 Cute Lil Buggaroo by Mickeymonster Cute Lil Buggaroo :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 348 35 Jam doodlez by Mickeymonster Jam doodlez :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 205 23
This is the place where i stash all my favorite Deviations.
Check it out,some of them are worth your time.


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I wanted to make another "Let's talk about..." journal this week,but after the whole drama and lulzfest i had with Mister P.A.,right now i got not one,not two but THREE dramatards after me.
(See the journal about the other lulzfest here: Ok i just HAVE to share this with you guys )
For the sake of their own pitiful accounts and for respecting the rules (something they haven't done. Twice.) i'll just name them Ms. Y.S., Ms. P.S. and Ms. S.N.

Now,you may wonder "Where the fuck did all of this come from?" Well,i was having a conversation on a stamp that i won't post here because i know the 3 periods will use anything to BAWWWWWport me like they came straight out of Tumblr,so i'll just post everything in the comments instead.
Anyway,i was having this conversation with someone else when the bitch (Ms. Y.S.) rudely replied to me because I USED FAGGOT AS ON INSULT OH NO THE WORLD IS GOING TO END YOU GUYS!!!!!!11,then the conversation went on and she explained that she was a "Satanist" and when she finally ran out of material,she started to call me a brony (seems like a certain someone has never read my profile description...) and when she really ran out of material she simply BAWWWWWWlocked me.
Let's just say that i retaliated,and that's when all Hell broke loose.
Suddently i get Ms. P.S. and Ms. S.N. (A.K.A Ms. Y.S.' personal cockbuddies (or whiteknights if you prefer)) on my ass. One of them made not one but TWO call-out journal about me while the other decided to stalk me and just say random bullshit on one of my old deviations.

Be smart. Don't ever become like the 3 cunts i listed above. Never become a whiteknight,never BAWWWWlock someone for no reason and definitely don't make call-out journals.

Well that's the end of the journal. Be sure to check the comments to see the drama unfold in its biggest glory.

See 'ya next week. Mayble.


matteoNL97's Profile Picture
Matteo Pani
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey,i'm matteoNL but i prefer either Matteo or Matt.
This is my DA,i used to make drawings from various shows in here.
That time is long gone.
I left this place just before 2014 came along,and rejoined in March 2015. Yep,still the same Hellhole alright.
I also used to be a brony. USED TO BE. Now i mainly despise the brony fandom for it's complete sick fucks and weirdo's.
Anyway,be sure to hang around with me. Unless you act like a butthurt beta ofcourse,then you can piss off for all i care.

PLZ accounts i once made,i don't even know why but i did,so check 'em out.

I'm a fan of a lot of things,here are a few of them:
TV shows:
Ed, Edd n Eddy Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
Flapjack Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Regular Show Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
The Amazing World of Gumball Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
Kick Buttowski Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Family Guy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Futurama Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Pokemon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Penguins of Madagascar Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
My little pony G1 Fan button by SunsetMajka626
My little pony G2 -Fan button by SunsetMajka626
My little pony G3 -Fan button by SunsetMajka626
Online shows:
Happy Tree Friends Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Dick Figures Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Madagascar Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Michael Jackson Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Daft Punk Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
NES Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Nintendo DS/Lite Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
RollerCoaster Tycoon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Happy Wheels Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Angry Birds Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Formula 1 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Windows Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Internet Explorer Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

These are stamps that say something about me,what i think about you and your actions or just anything else that i may or may not agree with.
Mostly just what i think about you and your actions though.
Sarcasm is Better by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me No changing it by Ramen27 WHOOPS. SORRY FOR SHARING MY OPINIONS. by World-Hero21 Rant: Because we all need warnings by Fragdog:thumb203102799: Do Us All a Favor by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me My Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14 Banhammer Massacre by Illogical-Lynx Heart-warming llamas by prosaix:thumb182595267: Stamp: Respect by Riza-Izumi Sterilization on Demand by OurHandOfSorrow Story of an illness by Ramen27 It will not get better. by Ramen27 STFU, spoiled brat by Ramen27 No, I won't respect haters. by Deep-Strike AltStamp: I hate furries. by killthelight-s Summer Vacation Stamp by Mirz123 Disabled Comments by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Anime is Overrated Stamp by DP-Stamps Rant: I'm Sir-Swears-A-Fuckin-Lot by Fragdog Blunt by Foedus-Stamps Don't Like, Don't Look!  BS by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Because You Can Now Be Punished For Fighting Back by Mintaka-TK Not All Nuts by genkistamps Fun not fame... by prosaix Get it Right by purapuss Yeah I swear by AssClownFish I laugh at religious freaks by prosaix:thumb215769434: You can still RUIN my Day by postmortumm Smokers by Rocky-Vermillion Rant: Sorry fellers... by Fragdog Come at me, bros. by ZeroGravityCroquet Censorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeiling Shitty Excuse by FlacidPenis Stop whining by Ramen27 Request XII by paramoreSUCKS Does hating furries make me... by Vulture-of-Style My Respect by i-stamp Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum Art School Doesn't Want Anime by genkistamps:thumb464197182: It's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me My favourite sport by prosaix Wolfaboo Humans Stamp by Spikytastic This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler Salamander Man stamp 2 by srslyyy Disabled comments stamp by AwesomeLurker weak Stamp by SaturnFinger I have a right to my opinions too. by World-Hero21 I laugh at white knights by prosaix . by DubiNova WHERE A KID CAN BE A- by Ramen27 Christians for Non-Dickheads by genkistamps Grammar Nazi Stamp by Twisticide it does not make you a cool kid by memedere I laugh at vegans by prosaix Don't like, don't look? by Neozaki Style NOT Anime by CelestialWolfen Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123:thumb252723709: I Support Smoking Stamp by DancingMouse GENERALIZING OMIGAWD by Foedus-Stamps Good artist doesn't mean good person by Nutty-Nutzis Morality vs Tolerance by Ramen27 Stamp: The Loneliest People by Southrobin Don't be naive. by Ramen27 I Hate Fandoms Stamp by candyflossfaerie Stamp: Don't do it! by 8manderz8:thumb508737440: They wouldnt accept you either by Ramen27 Baaaaaaw by Ramen27 Good luck with that by Ramen27 DA Dictionairy - 'Yiff' by Taichou-kun You need it. by Ramen27 Smokers' Rights by LaPurr vore stamp by Reagan700 They can always be debunked.  by Little-rolling-bean cuz I don't wanna be killed by Clelius:thumb183069757: I am allowed to call out your BS. by Little-rolling-bean UPDATED by Little-rolling-bean No Shota, plz by Nacht-Vico Christianity and society by Colliequest GURL POWAR by Ramen27 remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion Who's the bigot? by Ramen27 Gimme more sleep by prosaix Not ROCKET SCIENCE by AssClownFish Waking up... by prosaix Dear deviantArt by Swimmingferret Rant Stamp by In-The-Zone Animal Rights is Impossible by LordFluffers Too much is a bad thing by Ramen27 Furries unwanted by Berzerkr Not a Nazi. by InanityEmpire I Really Do NOT Care by SionnaDehr Online ads by prosaix How naive are you people? by Cat-Reaper Anti-Anti-Smoking by SetsunaNoroi Rabid bronies and pegasisters by prosaix anti-fetish by Ramen27 A dangerous place by Ramen27 fjhsdkjfdkasdjkld by TheArtOfNotLikingYou:thumb164680040: PC Gamer Steam Stamp by KillboxGraphics It may be trendy, but it isn't cool. by ExplosiveSquid Oh the irony by EpicStamps It's extremely disrespectful. by World-Hero21 Stand up by Ramen27 Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by Craptrap Filthy Frank Stamp by fothermuck Vore and homosexuality by jas09 GTFO Zoophiles by genkistamps Imitation is suicide by Nana-Beats 2000s Nostalgia by SA948-Stamps Dear sick fucks, by Ramen27 Disabled Comments Stamp by WormWoodTheStar If the shoe fits by ZhouTaisDayOff Lacking in Diversity by Craptrap Anti-Anthro by Taichou-kun I wish I could... by prosaix More time... by prosaix PRO-PIRACY by N63 Not everyone is into it. Some are disgusted by it. by Nutty-Nutzis No thank you by DarkZorua Read the Artist Comments by Ramen27 Self-Insert Pairings by Mintaka-TK Not wanting kids means shit, girls. by AClockworkKitten Stamp: Nudity by Riza-Izumi Unpopular Opinions by TheArtOfNotLikingYou 99 Percent of Anime Sucks by GreedLin Pumpkintroll - SICK FUCKS by Ramen27:thumb247745362: Another apocalypse... by prosaix Pumpkintroll - ARTU DESU by Ramen27 I laugh at homophobes by prosaix Stop Being Butthurt by KittyJewelpet78 Stamp: It's a two way street by Riza-Izumi Trollin ain't bullying by ARTic-Weather Incest for Idiots by Foedus-Stamps:thumb490468783: Seriously? by Little-rolling-bean Good Heart Stamp by JetProwerTheFox:thumb180284295: Keep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeiling Draw This Again by TheArtOfNotLikingYou:thumb239614856: Block Stamp by mymunchies Encyclopedia Dramatica stamp by mymunchies Rape Jokes by Slutgirl08 Parenting by paramoreSUCKS Dramatica by prosaix Stamp- dA For Art Not Porn by aisucafe Animal Testing by paramoreSUCKS I Love Meat by TipsyDigital :Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else. by KooboriSapphire

Even though i absolutely despise the brony fanbase nowadays,i still pay respect to the older gens. Yes,even the third one.
I miss G3 Rainbow Dash by MissKillerSparkles No way. by Nutty-Nutzis Pre-FiM Pony Love by CassidyPeterson Fan of all ponies by raygirl True Bronies by DracosDerpyHoof Old School MLP Stamp by FluidGirl82 ''2 MUCH PINK, MAH EYEZ, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH'' by Nutty-Nutzis No Witty Title This Time Around by endler MLP 3rd Gen by endler G3.5 MLP is not scary by Nutty-Nutzis MLP Tales stamp by GundamCat G3 Was Not That Bad Guys by AnScathMarcach:thumb346813330:G3 My Little Pony logo stamp by Nutty-Nutzis[STAMP] MLP Generations by EmfenMLP Gen 1 stamp by AwesomeLurkerMLP Stamp by KerivanDA Stamp - Twilight MLP 01 by tppgraphicsOld School MLP Support Stamp by foxglove1028Bitch please, we were the first ones by MlounMLP Tales stamp by GundamCatG4 style is lazy and overused by Nutty-Nutzis

Oh baby i'm popular.
But seriously how do you people even find me.
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Guys stop asking him if he's coming back. Personally I'm glad the scumbag is gone.

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I just wanted to ask regarding the MLPg3Ponies group... It's been practically dead lately. It's impossible to upload anything there. I've been considering leaving it... Is there any way to bring it back to life, or...? Perhaps it could be possible to contact the administrators to give somebody else the founder's role, but something doesn't feel right about this idea to me...
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If you claim to passive-agressively hate on furries so much why do you have things like this… and this… in your gallery? Why is your gallery full of brony art when you claim to no longer be one?
AfraidToDraw Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Self hating furriies tend to be the most viscous haters
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