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This is the place i once drew shitty pony art,and occasionally other things that didn't suck as much ass. Oh,and i also do a review every once and a while.

And for the love of God,don't ask me to draw ponies,because i WON'T


This is the place where i stash all my favorite Deviations.
Check it out,some of them are worth your time.


To check out the journal i made yesterday,look here:
Let's talk about Facebook,shall we? + drama

This morning i found out that British driver Justin Wilson succumbed to his wounds after getting a piece of debris from another car on his head when he was racing at the Pocono Raceway in IndyCar. He was only 37 years old.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in these difficult times. It's another sad day for IndyCar,Britain and motorsports itself after the tragic loss of Dan Wheldon in 2011. I just hope that the helmnet structures will be greatly improved because that could've saved him.

If you want to see the video of the incident,look here:…
For more information,look here:……)
For Dan Wheldon's incident,look here:…

Rest In Peace Justin Wilson,let's hope you're atleast winning races with the other champs up there. ;(

So,before i start off this Let's Talk About... journal,i'd like to tell you all that a while ago i was involved in a HILARIOUS little back-and-forth with this furry. If you want to see the whole drama then check this journal:
Ok i just HAVE to share this with you guys

Now,let's go with the journal.
Ok,i feel like i have to put this at the start of my journal,seeing how everyone appareantly is so incredibly imbecilic that they actually think that everything i say is 100% factual,so let me make the following clear to everyone who appareantly is that stupid:

It's about damn time i made a new "Let's Talk About..." journal,and this time it's Facebook who gets it.
For those who have been living under a rock for the last 15 years,Facebook is a social media which is very popular and is used by many all over the world. It's also incredibly controversial because Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) tends to invade our privacy,yet we're all too fucking stupid to REALISE THAT and PROTEST AGAINST IT.

Well,let's start with the questions.

"Do you have a Facebook account?"
Yes,and my account name is None of your business.
Seriously,i'm not going to give you my account name because i don't need a bunch of immature brats whining all over the pictures i post.

"What's your opinion on Mark Zuckerberg?"
I hate him. He's a piece of shit who invades our privacy and doesn't even know how to make a PROPER APPEAL SYSTEM.
I'm sorry i'm just a bit pissed because this is like...what,the fifth time i've gotten an unjust suspension?

"Unjust suspension? What are you talking about?"
Well,if you want to know,there's this ongoing joke going on this page called "MattyBRaps" (see…). We joke about how he's the leader of ISIS and how he raped a Chinese boy,and we tell all the 12 year old kids how it isn't a joke (even though it clearly is).
Now,i posted a pic of MattyB in bed (not photoshopped,he actually put that up on his wall) with a small Chinese boy next to him.
Someone reported the photo for breaking the rule of "Nudity" even though there was NO NUDITY TO BEGIN WITH.
Wait i'll show you the exact picture i posted,someone else posted it right now:…
Does this look like fucking nudity to you Facebook?

"But why don't you appeal it?"
What do you think i've been trying to do?
But since Facebook is such a great site,it doesn't even offer any ACTUAL ways to appeal something.
That's right,a billion Dollar company doesn't even allow its users to appeal shit like an unjust suspension.
Say,i thought we were living in a DEMOCRACY here,not a DICTATORSHIP where people are being silenced? Shame on you Zuckerberg and shame on you Facebook.

"Well then use another social media"
Way ahead on that one buddy. I've already discovered a new social media which has been out for a few years called Ello.
Now,here's the great part about Ello:
It lets YOU (that's right,YOU) choose if the site can follow your activity or not. You can go to the Options and switch that on and off.
Facebook could learn a thing or 2 about that,and not just Facebook if you ask me.
Wait,here's the site so you can check it out for yourself:
It's a small site,but by all means not a bad one. It doesn't have a real lot yet but the owner is improving the site on a regular basis.

"What's your stance on some Facebook groups and admins?"
Horrible. God fucking awful.
Basically there are so many shitty groups who post the most cringeworthy things spamming those emojis like their life depends on it. Then you got those admins who constantly repost shit from 2 to 5 years ago *coughCringeChannelcough* and when you call them out on it,their admins will threaten you in an autistic manner. It's pathetic really.

Alright,let's end this with some words to Mark Zuckerberg:
Dear Mark,i know you made this site to give MySpace a run for their money. And in the end,you really did.
But when you're a multi billion Dollar company with millions of people visiting your site every day,you have got to STOP acting like we're your human piggy banks who have no problem with you invading our god damn privacy. So stop doing that,we're not blind or stupid.
Oh and one last thing,make sure there's going to be a fucking APPEAL SYSTEM next time. I can not stress this enough.
Hell even DeviantART has a fucking (barely) working appeal system.
And this site is even shittier than yours,which is just an embarrasment all together if you ask me.

Well that one's done. Next time i'll pull out some skeletons out of the closet when i'll show you all what i think of the Cringe Channel (oh boy i can't wait for the flood of angry little shitheads who'll flood my DA if they ever find out about this).
But before i'll make that journal,i'll have to prepare myself so i'll get as least shit from them as possible.

Ok see you all next time.
So my plan was to make a new "Let's Talk About..." journal about Facebook,but seeing how something that's really funny has been happening to me,i decide to share it with you all.

So i've been having this back-and-forth with this shit for brains furfag for a while,and his bullshit has been more than amusing to me.
Due to the whole "OMG U CANT NAEM & SHAEM BAWWWWW" rule imposed by DA and society,i'll just call him Mister P.A for now (feel free to ask me about him in the comments though,i'll be more than happy to give his profile so you can say hello to him).
I also need to mention the following things before i begin:
-He's part of something that's called the "Furry Hockey League".
Yeah,appareantly that exists.
-He's autistic. Which doesn't surprise me since he's a typical furfag.
-He has a fursuit.
-He has a really unique face. A reeeeeeally unique face. *Snickers*
-He likes what the rest of the world calls Handegg this so called "'murican football".
I can go on,but i feel like i should spare him since he's already quite retarded and all.

I'll show you some of the comments that he's been leaving on my older journal which can be found here:
DeviantArtist Questionnaire
Let's see what he poor sob has been writing...
"I hope you get your 3rd suspension, you're a sad excuse for a human being. I don't honestly know how the fuck someone like you hasn't gotten lynched by your peers yet."
Damn son,careful with that edge there.

"I have PLENTY of people to back my shit up, you just wouldn't care to ask.

I'm carrying on this discussion because I'm argumentative. I already know you're a lost cause, and a complete loser.

I'm part of the FHL, but that doesn't even matter, if it was a regular hockey league you wouldn't bat an eye, even though species is a relatively minor part of the whole fantasy league process.

The only place I'm going to throw my towel is at your fat head."
Hey girls,you heard that? The badass is part of the FURRY HOCKEY LEAGUE.
He's also single,so go and ask this AMAZING PUSSY DESTROYER out. You know you want to.

"None of my friends have autism and you're an asshole for thinking otherwise.

The only thing I've lost is my temper.

The fact that you dislike furries for no reason makes you an ignorant little piece of shit."
Seems like a certain someone hasn't seen this journal yet.
Let's talk about furries and furf_gs,shall we?

"My God, I should just block your sorry ass already. You're so fucking annoying. Aside from that, I have a life. I'm tired of wasting my spare time on your infantile arguments. I'm sick of you. You've proven to be the most idiotic person I've ever had the displeasure of meeting online. 

Your comments would be hurtful, if you actually meant anything to me. But you don't. You're a loser, with no life. All you do is hate furries and make fun of people who socialize and buy things you cannot afford.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't look 'stunning' as a person, but I'm not ugly. I'm sort of in between, I guess. My fursuit IS stunning, and anyone who has a brain actually likes it. It doesn't make sense to call it cancerous, and if you're labeling it that because of me, you should know that I didn't make it. I go to conventions, to have fun. And I'm part of a fantasy hockey league.

And I'm not even sure I'm autistic anymore. I was diagnosed when I was very young, and I was very shy. Now I'm talking to everyone, even your sorry ass. Maybe I've become TOO social? 

God knows I would never fit in with your lame group of friends, if you even have any. Probably scared them all away.

So, in summary, you have a retarded world view on furries. You think we're autistic (why?), faggots (being more accepting of homosexuality does not equate to that) and hate our fursuits. Our really expensive fursuits. You also hate conventions and fantasy leagues. So, essentially, YOU HATE FUN. Your life must be boring."
Just so you know guys,he actually ADMITTED to being an autist,yet he continues to be an imbecil and deny it.
Here is the proof,it's written on his DA Twitter wall.
"being that I have autism, that makes me a little angry"
BTW,just so you know Mister P.A,BAWWWWWWlocking is only for the weak minded,spineless pussies who can't handle an argument,so by all means go ahead,it'll only mean that i win anyway.

Now,here are some messages from this PM called "You done?"
"I was through with this whole argument weeks ago, you decided to revive it, for whatever reason. Are you that childish? Get the fuck out of my face and go bother someone your own age, you know, like a preschooler."
This was the first message he sent right after i continued with the lulzfest that is his serious anger. I was gone for 3 weeks because of my vacation and there was barely any Wi-Fi so i couldn't continue with the conversation.
Also check his insults holy shit.

"He's not my friend, I don't even know the guy, there's nothing wrong with me warning him of a pathetic moron like yourself.

I said that I was done, I didn't say you were, but try going on a longer vacation next time, you seriously need a break from the internet if you need to argue with someone to make yourself feel good.

No one's siding with you, by the way. Keep dreaming."
>No one's siding with you BTW
>Implying that anyone's siding with you

"No one's siding with me? How original, throwing my statements back to me?

You're such an idiot. We actually talked, in private, and he admitted how immature you were. You act like you're five years old, I suggest you grow up."
The whole "we talked in private" thing is actually true,and later he'll try to pass it off as "evidence" even though it's not evidence in the slightest. Talk about autism at work.
Wait i'll show you here:
"Do I need to make it any clearer? Do you need to see screenshots to prove what a dumbass you're being?

Mister P.A. said the following:

I have a terribly argumentative personality, it's something I need to work on.

Mister G.W. said the following:

The kids are dumbasses, I can agree with that at least. But you've kind of only been fueling the fire with them.

Mister P.A. said the following:

What started out as a simple warning got blown out of proportion. I just didn't want you going through what I went through with this guy. I understand if you want to keep the drama off your page though."
Lel,well done passing off your AMAZING PROOF there furfaggotino.

"I have a lot of friends, more than you'll ever have with that attitude. It's so funny that you think otherwise. I pity your older self, he'll be a lonely person probably ready to kill himself."

Oh man the edgemeister never fails to amaze me here.

"Really now? I'm willing to share my face, while you're clearly too afraid. And you think you have the authority to tell me what special needs is? You are a sad, sad individual indeed."
>Implying that i have to share my face to the rest of the world just to impress an autismo such as yourself.

"Fuck, are you really that dense? Just post a fucking link if you think I said it, then.

The only one here that's retarded is you. If someone asks you for proof, YOU FUCKING GIVE IT. If you don't, it makes you look like a liar and an asshole."
You know the irony on this one is that i asked the EXACT same thing to him on the post on my DA Questionnaire post,yet he didn't even REMOTELY respond to it.
I can even show it to you all if you want,just ask me in the comments.

Well i'll see just how long i can squeeze this poor fuck out until he BAWWWWlocks me for good.
New journal may or may not arrive next week,with the normal "Let's Talk About" journal returning for sure.
That's all.
Yeah,so I'm going to play this stupid game because I want a new badge.
And to spice things up, I'll be actually honest instead of playing the "OMG IM SO POLITICALLY CORRECT UVU" card like literally everyone else is doing.

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Enough to make me wish I would've never made an account to begin with.
2. What does your username mean.
A part of my name, the nation I currently reside in and the year I was born. Duh.
3.Describe yourself in three words.
4. Are you left or right handed.
Left handed.
5. What was your first deviation.
This incredible piece of shit:
Hand-made Twilight Sparkle. by matteoNL97

Seriously, an autistic 12 year old would have better drawing skills than me. I can't believe I actually made these things only 4 years ago...
6. What is your favourite type of art to create.
None because I'm incredibly shit at making anything.
7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
None because I'm incredibly shit at making anything.
8.What was your first favourite?
Don't know, don't care.
But I'm pretty sure it had something to do with ponies since I used to be a cringeworthy brony at the time.
9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anything that doesn't look like shitty clickbait/borderline pr0n on the Frontpage.
Seriously fix your shit already DA.
10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Because this genious man managed to piss off so many bronies that he's the all-time king of DA.
Hell he even managed to make me laugh back when I was a cringeworthy brony.
11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
The DeviantART staff.
To tell them to fix their broken ass site already.
No really, I'm beyond tired to see a bunch of fuccbois and virgins defending clickbait/borderline pr0n just because you cunts are too damn lazy to do your job properly.
12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
By creating parody art involving ponies, blood, gore, mucus and so on which sends many bronies in a serious rectal ragnarok every day.
Love 'ya Curt. ;) (Wink)
13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
None because I'm incredibly shit at making anything.
14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
When I'm sitting on the toilet.
15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
When I left at the end of 2013.

Oh boy, I can't wait for my third suspension because I ACTUALLY have critique against the mods.

Normal journal will arrive next week as usual. Mayble.
Yep. Arrived today after an exausting trip from Cagliari all the way home. 2 trips by car and 1 long trip on an airplane that not only was a tad late,but i was also fortunate enough to be stuck right in front of 2 whiny cunts who could not stay seated for longer than 1 minute.

Anyway,i'm tired so i'll keep this short. Currently i'm trying to catch up with all my missed vids and soon i'll clean up my DeviantART too.

And for those who ask,i've had a blast on vacation. NOT being around a couple of dumbasses on the internet really did help me relax. Going to the beach,going out with friends and enjoying myself like i've always wanted was just the thing i needed to get away from this Hell i was stuck in right before i left.

Anyway,i'll probably talk to you guys soon. Take care!

To check out the journal i made yesterday,look here:
Let's talk about Facebook,shall we? + drama

This morning i found out that British driver Justin Wilson succumbed to his wounds after getting a piece of debris from another car on his head when he was racing at the Pocono Raceway in IndyCar. He was only 37 years old.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in these difficult times. It's another sad day for IndyCar,Britain and motorsports itself after the tragic loss of Dan Wheldon in 2011. I just hope that the helmnet structures will be greatly improved because that could've saved him.

If you want to see the video of the incident,look here:…
For more information,look here:……)
For Dan Wheldon's incident,look here:…

Rest In Peace Justin Wilson,let's hope you're atleast winning races with the other champs up there. ;(


matteoNL97's Profile Picture
Matteo Pani
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey,i'm matteoNL but i prefer either Matteo or Matt.
This is my DA,i used to make drawings from various shows in here.
That time is long gone.
I left this place just before 2014 came along,and rejoined in March 2015. Yep,still the same Hellhole alright.
I also used to be a brony. USED TO BE. Now i mainly despise the brony fandom for it's complete sick fucks and weirdo's.
Anyway,be sure to hang around with me. Unless you act like a butthurt beta ofcourse,then you can piss off for all i care.

PLZ accounts i once made,i don't even know why but i did,so check 'em out.

I'm a fan of a lot of things,here are a few of them:
TV shows:
Ed, Edd n Eddy Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
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These are stamps that say something about me,what i think about you and your actions or just anything else that i may or may not agree with.
Mostly just what i think about you and your actions though.
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Even though i absolutely despise the brony fanbase nowadays,i still pay respect to the older gens. Yes,even the third one.
I miss G3 Rainbow Dash by MissKillerSparklesNo way. by AdolfWolfed4LifePre-FiM Pony Love by CassidyPetersonFan of all ponies by raygirlTrue Bronies by DracosDerpyHoofOld School MLP Stamp by FluidGirl82''2 MUCH PINK, MAH EYEZ, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH'' by AdolfWolfed4LifeNo Witty Title This Time Around by endlerMLP 3rd Gen by endlerG3.5 MLP is not scary by AdolfWolfed4LifeMLP Tales stamp by GundamCatG3 Was Not That Bad Guys by AnScathMarcachI love G1 too stamp by PuddyramaG3 My Little Pony logo stamp by AdolfWolfed4Life[STAMP] MLP Generations by EmfenMLP Gen 1 stamp by AwesomeLurkerMLP Stamp by KerivanDA Stamp - Twilight MLP 01 by tppgraphicsOld School MLP Support Stamp by foxglove1028Bitch please, we were the first ones by MlounMLP Tales stamp by GundamCatG4 style is lazy and overused by AdolfWolfed4Life

Oh baby i'm popular.
But seriously how do you people even find me.
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