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For ponies with karts!
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This is the place i once drew shitty pony art,and occasionally other things that didn't suck as much ass. Oh,and i also do a review every once and a while.

And for the love of God,don't ask me to draw ponies,because i WON'T


This is the place where i stash all my favorite Deviations.
Check it out,some of them are worth your time.


The reason being that i'll be going on vacation for a few weeks and so i won't be able to respond to you guys because where i'll be going there will be no Wi-Fi because the rural area's of Sardinia still think it's the 1950's and so don't have any free Wi-Fi.

To those who're thinking "What's Sardinia?",whip out a fucking map and look it up,i'm tired of explaining it to everyone.
Or better yet,here's the whole damn Wiki of it:

To all my friends,don't worry,i'll be back in a few weeks and i'll be making my usual journals aswell.

To all the dumbasses i have to respond to,don't worry,in just a few weeks i'll be right back kicking your asses like before. Heart 

We'll be departing at 02:00 (which is 2 AM for you 'muricano's) so much time to sleep won't be there...

Well,i'll see you guys in a few weeks. See 'ya then!
Yeah,so i've come to the decision to not make any of these journals anymore for a few reasons.

1. They take a lot of time to make.
2. From this schoolyear onwards i have to focus as much as possible on that,and making lengthy jounrnals like these (or even being on DA for that matter) doesn't help me at all.
And 3. I feel like there are more important things to do than writing these journals,like cleaning up my DA in the first place.

They won't dissapear forever though,i'll only postpone them until i feel like doing atleast 1 again.
I'll be focusing on smaller journals instead. They won't appear as often and they won't be as big as the "Let's talk about..." journals,but they'll still be fun to read i'll promise.

So yeah,there's that. Peace.
Yeah,have you ever thought about this one?

So recently i've been searching this PARODY video on Youtube called "N___erz Bop - DuckTales Theme Song" because i like that type of humour.
I see that the original has been deleted,and manage to find the person who uploaded it first on Youtube and he states the following:
Motherfuckers can't tell it's a joke.
Fucker had 500,000 views.
Yeah Youtube,because appareantly a PARODY SONG with "DA N-WURD OH MAI LAWD" is now the same as "hate speech".

But it doesn't stop here ladies and gentlemen. Today i woke up,went on Facebook and searched for Polandball (Wiki about it right here:… and… ) only to find out that the original Polandball page has been terminated for the SECOND FUCKING TIME.
Let me guess Zuckerberg,it's because it shows Nazi symbols,so it's "Hate speech"?
You know what's so INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS about Facebook's policies? That appareantly it's "HATE SPEECH!!!!11" if a symbol is used which represents the fact 12 million people got killed,but appareantly the "Hammer and Sickle" (The official Soviet symbol) is NOT censored even though those fucking bastards killed about 80 MILLION PEOPLE.
Yeah,so much for that flawless logic of yours Mark.

So lads and gents,i think it's time that we question the whole "This is banned because hate speech" system.
Because its broken beyond belief.
I have reported people on Facebook which made literal DEATH THREATS.
Were they removed though? Nope.
But appareantly it's A-OK! for an automated system to think that a PARODY or JOKE equals "Hate speech".

So let me end with this parody advert-like sentence for this week:
Hey there kids! Is a mean bully harassing you on the internet? Do you see a joke picture that sends you into a rectal ragnarok? Does your lack of humour and your short temper prevent you from having a good time?
No problem! Western companies have now come up with a brand new way to keep our sites as unfunny,unoriginal and politically correct as possible!
Just report it as hate speech!

If you report something as hate speech,we'll be 100% sure to remove it for you,so you won't ever have to deal with such MEEN content or just HOWWIBLE bullies again!
And the best part is that nobody will say anything about it,because then they'll get labeled as a Nazi!
So what are you waiting for? Click on that "Report" button and try it out yourself TODAY!

Aight,i'll make a new "Let's talk about..." journal next week,then i'll be talking about everyone's favourite social media,known as Facebook. See 'yall next week!

Oh,and before i go,check out my Youtube channel,i upload video's now.…
Ok,so i know i don't normally do this but i'd like to ask a minute of your time to help out Greece.
Due to an amazing amount of debts (that they caused) and the other EU nations' burocratic juggling,Greece is this close to getting bankrupt.

BUT There still is hope!
If you donate an amount as little as €3,you can actually write history and help out the needy people of Greece.
I'm not talking about the corporate suits in Athens,i'm talking about the people who REALLY need the money for food,education,medicine and so on.
I'm not kidding people,Greece is low on medicine,and children can't even get a vaccinel,let alone even VISIT a doctor now.

So help out and pledge a small amount here. Trust me,you'll feel better afterwards.…

Please share this post my putting it up on your DA page,Facebook wall,Twitter feed and so on,the people of Greece couldn't be happier if we actually manage to get the required amount.

And share this post from Polandball,it more or less all happend from here:…

Thank you for your time.
I'm sorry to say this,but there won't be any journals for a while. Currently i'm dealing with some...serious personal problems and i want to fix those first.
Again,i'm so sorry that i have to delay this,but i feel very firm about this.

Also,the DA staff has removed one of my journals ONCE AGAIN.
"The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff due to a violation of deviantART policy or because its theme or content was judged unacceptable. Your deviantART submissions must obey certain guidelines and restrictions.

If you are uncertain why the submission was removed or if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART
Help Desk.

Title: How to succesfully troll the internet 1
Submitted: 2015-06-07 2:07:04 pm

The administrator who deleted your deviation added the following:"

Tell me,how the fuck did i break a law here again?
The reason being that i'll be going on vacation for a few weeks and so i won't be able to respond to you guys because where i'll be going there will be no Wi-Fi because the rural area's of Sardinia still think it's the 1950's and so don't have any free Wi-Fi.

To those who're thinking "What's Sardinia?",whip out a fucking map and look it up,i'm tired of explaining it to everyone.
Or better yet,here's the whole damn Wiki of it:

To all my friends,don't worry,i'll be back in a few weeks and i'll be making my usual journals aswell.

To all the dumbasses i have to respond to,don't worry,in just a few weeks i'll be right back kicking your asses like before. Heart 

We'll be departing at 02:00 (which is 2 AM for you 'muricano's) so much time to sleep won't be there...

Well,i'll see you guys in a few weeks. See 'ya then!


matteoNL97's Profile Picture
Matteo Pani
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey,i'm matteoNL but i prefer either Matteo or Matt.
This is my DA,i used to make drawings from various shows in here.
That time is long gone.
I left this place just before 2014 came along,and rejoined in March 2015. Yep,still the same Hellhole alright.
I also used to be a brony. USED TO BE. Now i mainly despise the brony fandom for it's complete sick fucks and weirdo's.
Anyway,be sure to hang around with me. Unless you act like a butthurt beta ofcourse,then you can piss off for all i care.

PLZ accounts i once made,i don't even know why but i did,so check 'em out.

I'm a fan of a lot of things,here are a few of them:
TV shows:
Ed, Edd n Eddy Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
Flapjack Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Regular Show Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
The Amazing World of Gumball Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
Kick Buttowski Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Family Guy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Futurama Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Pokemon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Penguins of Madagascar Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
My little pony G1 Fan button by Fluttershy626
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My little pony G3 -Fan button by Fluttershy626
Online shows:
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Windows Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Internet Explorer Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

These are stamps that say something about me,what i think about you and your actions or just anything else that i may or may not agree with.
Mostly just what i think about you and your actions though.
Sarcasm is Better by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeNo changing it by Ramen27WHOOPS. SORRY FOR SHARING MY OPINIONS. by World-Hero21Rant: Because we all need warnings by FragdogStamp: Retard Logic by RottedStampsDo Us All a Favor by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeMy Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14Banhammer Massacre by Illogical-LynxHeart-warming llamas by prosaixStamp: It's Not by RottedStampsStamp: Respect by Riza-IzumiSterilization on Demand by OurHandOfSorrowStory of an illness by Ramen27It will not get better. by Ramen27STFU, spoiled brat by Ramen27No, I won't respect haters. by Deep-StrikeAltStamp: I hate furries. by killthelight-sSummer Vacation Stamp by Mirz123Disabled Comments by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeAnime is Overrated Stamp by DP-StampsRant: I'm Sir-Swears-A-Fuckin-Lot by FragdogBlunt by Foedus-StampsDon't Like, Don't Look!  BS by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeBecause You Can Now Be Punished For Fighting Back by Mintaka-TKNot All Nuts by genkistampsFun not fame... by prosaixGet it Right by purapussYeah I swear by AssClownFishI laugh at religious freaks by prosaixStamp: G. Nazi, Extraordinaire by RottedStampsYou can still RUIN my Day by postmortummSmokers by Rocky-VermillionRant: Sorry fellers... by FragdogCome at me, bros. by ZeroGravityCroquetCensorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeilingShitty Excuse by FlacidPenisStop whining by Ramen27Request XII by paramoreSUCKSDoes hating furries make me... by Vulture-of-StyleMy Respect by i-stampHaters gonna Hate by SparkLumArt School Doesn't Want Anime by genkistampsNo stop that by marshmallowcookiwolftrophy for sick fuck by BaconMagicIt's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeMy favourite sport by prosaixWolfaboo Humans Stamp by SpikytasticThis Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endlerSalamander Man stamp 2 by srslyyyDisabled comments stamp by AwesomeLurkerweak Stamp by SaturnFingerI have a right to my opinions too. by World-Hero21I laugh at white knights by prosaixbawt it's rul thitee fer!11!1  BULLSHIT! by StingrayzzWHERE A KID CAN BE A- by Ramen27Christians for Non-Dickheads by genkistampsGrammar Nazi Stamp by Twisticideit does not make you a cool kid by memedereI laugh at vegans by prosaixDon't like, don't look? by NeozakiStyle NOT Anime by CelestialWolfenStand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123Stamp: Censorship Fail by RottedStampsI Support Smoking Stamp by DancingMouseGENERALIZING OMIGAWD by Foedus-StampsGood artist doesn't mean good person by AdolfWolfed4LifeMorality vs Tolerance by Ramen27Stamp: The Loneliest People by SouthrobinDon't be naive. by Ramen27I Hate Fandoms Stamp by candyflossfaerieStamp: Don't do it! by 8manderz8.:Because, Ya' Know, You're REAL:. by RaineSageRocksThey wouldnt accept you either by Ramen27Baaaaaaw by Ramen27Good luck with that by Ramen27DA Dictionairy - 'Yiff' by Taichou-kunYou need it. by Ramen27Smokers' Rights by LaPurrvore stamp by Reagan700They can always be debunked.  by Little-rolling-beancuz I don't wanna be killed by CleliusStamp: It Isn't by RottedStampsI am allowed to call out your BS. by Little-rolling-beanBaww u hate warriors why u no be like MEE!1!1!? by Little-rolling-beanNo Shota, plz by Nacht-VicoChristianity and society by ColliequestGURL POWAR by Ramen27remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinionWho's the bigot? by Ramen27Gimme more sleep by prosaixNot ROCKET SCIENCE by AssClownFishWaking up... by prosaixDear deviantArt by SwimmingferretRant Stamp by In-The-ZoneAnimal Rights is Impossible by LordFluffersToo much is a bad thing by Ramen27Furries unwanted by BerzerkrNot a Nazi. by InanityEmpireI Really Do NOT Care by SionnaDehrOnline ads by prosaixHow naive are you people? by Cat-ReaperAnti-Anti-Smoking by SetsunaNoroiRabid bronies and pegasisters by prosaixanti-fetish by Ramen27A dangerous place by Ramen27fjhsdkjfdkasdjkld by TheArtOfNotLikingYouSmoker just want love by PepsiPiePC Gamer Steam Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgSIt may be trendy, but it isn't cool. by ExplosiveSquidOh the irony by EpicStampsIt's extremely disrespectful. by World-Hero21Obama by WinterJackalStand up by Ramen27Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by CraptrapFilthy Frank Stamp by fothermuckVore and homosexuality by jas09GTFO Zoophiles by genkistampsImitation is suicide by Nana-Beatsit's ok to hate yourself but not to like yourself by BaconMagic2000s Nostalgia by SA948-StampsDear sick fucks, by Ramen27Disabled Comments Stamp by WormWoodTheStarIf the shoe fits by ZhouTaisDayOffLacking in Diversity by CraptrapAnti-Anthro by Taichou-kunI wish I could... by prosaixMore time... by prosaixPRO-PIRACY by N63Not everyone is into it. Some are disgusted by it. by AdolfWolfed4LifeNo thank you by DarkZoruaRead the Artist Comments by Ramen27Self-Insert Pairings by Mintaka-TKNot wanting kids means shit, girls. by AClockworkKittenStamp: Nudity by Riza-IzumiUnpopular Opinions by TheArtOfNotLikingYou99 Percent of Anime Sucks by GreedLinPumpkintroll - SICK FUCKS by Ramen27OMG U ABUSER by TheMarquisOfDorksAnother apocalypse... by prosaixPumpkintroll - ARTU DESU by Ramen27I laugh at homophobes by prosaixStop Being Butthurt by SoraRoyals77Stamp: It's a two way street by Riza-IzumiTrollin ain't bullying by ARTic-WeatherIncest for Idiots by Foedus-Stampsboo fackin hoo by KATZENSAFTSeriously? by Little-rolling-beanGood Heart Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxStamp: Everything But Art by RottedStampsKeep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeilingDraw This Again by TheArtOfNotLikingYouDear Attention-Whore by DarknessTareBlock Stamp by mymunchiesEncyclopedia Dramatica stamp by mymunchiesRape Jokes by Slutgirl08Fanbrats created Trolls by Faerie-StarVParenting by paramoreSUCKSDramatica by prosaixStamp- dA For Art Not Porn by aisucafeAnimal Testing by paramoreSUCKSI Love Meat by FelisTipsy:Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else. by KooboriSapphire

Even though i absolutely despise the brony fanbase nowadays,i still pay respect to the older gens. Yes,even the third one.
I miss G3 Rainbow Dash by MissKillerSparklesNo way. by AdolfWolfed4LifePre-FiM Pony Love by CassidyPetersonFan of all ponies by raygirlTrue Bronies by DracosDerpyHoofOld School MLP Stamp by FluidGirl82''2 MUCH PINK, MAH EYEZ, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH'' by AdolfWolfed4LifeNo Witty Title This Time Around by endlerMLP 3rd Gen by endlerG3.5 MLP is not scary by AdolfWolfed4LifeMLP Tales stamp by GundamCatG3 Was Not That Bad Guys by AnScathMarcachI love G1 too stamp by PuddyramaG3 My Little Pony logo stamp by AdolfWolfed4Life[STAMP] MLP Generations by EmfenMLP Gen 1 stamp by AwesomeLurkerMLP Stamp by KerivanDA Stamp - Twilight MLP 01 by tppgraphicsOld School MLP Support Stamp by foxglove1028Bitch please, we were the first ones by MlounMLP Tales stamp by GundamCatG4 style is lazy and overused by AdolfWolfed4Life

Oh baby i'm popular.
But seriously how do you people even find me.
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He made a journal which was removed by DA because butthurt furries were invading.
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